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Basketball (W)

Women's Basketball Season in Review

2020-21 Women's Basketball Team2020-21 Women's Basketball Team


The Ecclesia College Royals women's basketball team recently finished their 2020-21 season with a 13-11 complete record, 12-9 regular season record, and 10-7 against NCCAA opponents. Headed up by Tonya Ingram in her fourth year with the program, the Royals put together a season for the record books. They started strong and ended with a trip to the National Tournament. They beat Crowley's Ridge College who would go on to compete in the NAIA National Tournament. They would split with Baptist Bible College who took 3rd place in the ACCA National Tournament. They would sweep Randall University for their first ever wins against the Saints. The Royals accomplished much and shocked many.

The Royals have struggled in recent years but they quickly put that behind them. Lead by a cast of new faces, the Royals built a new identity. By starting three freshmen and two transfers for the majority of the season the Royals were primed to make some waves. The young team has no seniors and a mission to prove that they only scratched the surface. The season they had was impressive, but is even more impressive when you take a glance back at what the program has done in the past.

March 19, 2021 the women's basketball team of Ecclesia College concluded with a 6th place finish at the NCCAA D1 National Tournament. It was their first trip to Nationals since their previous visit in the 2009-10 season. The 6th place finish is the second best finish the Lady Royals have ever received, and by gaining their 13th win of the season during nationals they entered another second best placement into the archives. These are just two more entries that the 20-21 WBB program gets to make into the Ecclesia history books. The historic entries that the Lady Royals get to enter are:

  • Second best post-season finish (6th)
  • Second most wins including postseason (13)
  • Best start to a season (5-1)
  • Best in season ranking (9th)
  • Most weeks spent ranked (4)

Simply watching this team play and reading the accomplishments is enough for you to realize how impressive they were. But, that is not the whole picture. To truly grasp how good this team is, you have to realize how far they have come. Coach Tonya Ingram has spent the last four years working, recruiting, and building in preparation for this team. It paid off, and it paid off in a fast, massive leap. The NCCAA ranks every team in every statistical category; here is how this team measured to last year's team:

Team rankings:

  • Moved up 34 spots in offensive rating (#8)
  • Moved up 24 spots in defensive rating (#17)
  • Moved up 20 spots in FG% (#21)
  • Moved up 8 spots in defensive FG% (#17)
  • Moved up 23 spots in 3P% (#17)
  • Moved up 8 spots in defensive 3P% (#1)
  • Moved up 31 spots in 3PM Per Game (#6)
  • Moved up 5 spots in FT% (#22)
  • Moved up 16 spots in rebounds (#21)
  • Moved up 6 spots in rebounds allowed (#28)
  • Moved up 39 spots in TO/TOF/TO-Margin (#3)
  • Moved up 20 spots in blocks (#14)
  • Moved up 27 spots in assists (#14)
  • Moved up 38 spots in steals (#4)

Individuals rankings:

  • Alysia Pickett was #6 in scoring (18.1)
  • Gabby Adams was #20 in scoring (14.1)
  • Alysia Pickett was #3 in 3PM per game (2.9)
  • Gabby Adams was #5 in 3PM per game (2.7)
  • Alysia Pickett was #5 in assists per game (4.3)
  • Alysia Pickett was #11 in Ast/TO Ratio (+1.4)
  • Grace Crawford was #15 in blocks (1.0)
  • Gabby Adams was #15 in steals (2.1)

Along with ranked season averages, some of our ladies acheived some of the best individual game performances as well.

  • Alysia Pickett had the 3rd(T) best scoring performance with her 38 points at Dallas Christian College on 1/16/21.
  • Alysia Pickett also had the 5th(T) best scoring performance with her 32 points against Carolina University at Nationals on 3/18/21.
  • Gabby Adams had the 8th(T) best scoring performance with her 29 points against Ozark Christian College on 1/19/21.
  • Alysia Pickett had the 4th(T) most free-throws attempted with her 14/14 against Carolina University at Nationals on 3/18/21.
  • Grace Crawford had the 4th(T) best rebounding performance with her 18 rebounds at Barclay College on 2/9/21.
  • Alysia Pickett had the 4th(T) best assist performance with her 10 assists at Randall University on 1/12/21.
  • Alysia Pickett had the #1 three point performance with her 10 made threes at Dallas Christian College on 1/6/21. (She shot 53%).
  • Tyshianna Turner had the 5th(T) best steal performance with her 6 steals at Randall University on 1/12/21.

Team Leaders:

  • Points: 414 - Alysia Pickett
  • Points per game: 18.1 - Alysia Pickett
  • FG%: 39% - Gabby Adams
  • FGM: 135 - Alysia Pickett
  • 3P FG%: 33% - Alysia Pickett and Gabby Adams
  • 3PM: 66 - Alysia Pickett
  • FT%: 80% - Alysia Pickett
  • FTM: 78 - Alysia Pickett
  • Offensive Rebounds: 51 - Grace Crawford
  • Defensie Rebounds: 76 - Grace Crawford
  • Rebounds Per Game: 6.0 - Grace Crawford
  • Assists: 103 - Alysia Pickett
  • Assists Per Game: 4.5 - Alysia Pickett
  • Steals: 49 - Gabby Adams
  • Steals Per Game: 2.1 - Gabby Adams
  • Blocks: 21 - Grace Crawford
  • Blocks Per Game: 1.0 - Grace Crawford

If you did not get a chance to watch this team, look them up! They played hard, they played defense, and they always put on a show. It was a great season, lead by great coach, with great players on and off the court. You might even say it was Royal.

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