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Basketball (W)


Oct. 29, 2021Southwestern Adventist UniversitySpringdale, AR3 p.m.Recap | Box
Oct. 30, 2021Southwestern Adventist UniversitySpringdale, AR7:30 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 2, 2021Crowley's Ridge CollegeParagould, AR5 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 6, 2021Calvary UniversityKansas City, MO2 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 13, 2021Central Christian College of the BibleMoberly, MO1 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 16, 2021Baptist Bible CollegeSpringdale, AR5 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 18, 2021TBD (Tournament)Dallas, TX5 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 19, 2021TBD (Tournament)Dallas, TX5 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 20, 2021TBD (Tournament)Dallas, TX5 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 30, 2021Central Baptist CollegeConway, AR5:30 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 3, 2021Barclay CollegeSpringdale, AR5 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 4, 2021Kansas Christian CollegeSpringdale, AR1 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 9, 2021Central Baptist CollegeSpringdale, AR5 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 11, 2021John Brown University Siloam Springs, AR2 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 8, 2022Champion Christian CollegeHot Springs, AR5:30 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 11, 2022Randall UniversitySpringdale, AR5 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 15, 2022Barclay CollegeHaviland, KS5 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 18, 2022Ozark Christian CollegeJoplin, MO5 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 21, 2022Dallas Christian CollegeSpringdale, AR5 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 22, 2022Arlington Baptist UniversitySpringdale, AR2 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 25, 2022Baptist Bible CollegeSpringfield, MO5 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 29, 2022Randall UniversityMoore, OK5 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 1, 2022Cottey CollegeNevada, MO6 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 5, 2022Arlington Baptist UniversityArlington, TX2 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 8, 2022Champion Christian CollegeSpringdale, AR5 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 12, 2022Kansas Christian CollegeOverland Park, KS5 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 15, 2022Cottey CollegeSpringdale, AR5 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 21, 2022Crowley's Ridge CollegeSpringdale, AR5 p.m.Recap | Box

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